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Marketing for Therapists & Coaches Diploma Course

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The Marketing for Therapists & Coaches Diploma Course is for those who have set up a therapy or coaching business, or are about to, and love doing what they do, but are struggling to gain more clients, aren’t earning as much as they feel they could or would just like a guide to growing their business and becoming more successful.

This course has been written by someone who has been exactly where you are now and hasn’t just survived but thrived, from having to work every hour and labour over every pound to building a business that literally makes money while they sleep.

There are no secret formulas or tricks to this, just employing proven techniques, working smart, setting goals, setting up multiple income streams, and believing in your success. The Marketing for Therapists & Coaches Course will take you and your business where you want to be.

Who Would Benefit from the Course?

This course has been created specifically for those who currently run or are considering setting up a business in the therapy and coaching industries and need a practical guide on marketing techniques and avenues for selling their services and/or products. This said, a lot of the knowledge contained within is applicable to other industries.

What You'll Learn from the Marketing for Therapists & Coaches Diploma Course

This course guides you through 18 comprehensive modules:

  • Living the Dream - You Have to Believe it's Possible
  • My story - 'sink or swim'
  1. Getting Started with Your First Clients
  2. How to Attract Clients and Promote Your Business
  3. Setting up a Practice
  4. Business Vision
  5. Creating SMART Goals
  6. Hypnotic Selling Techniques
  7. Websites
  8. Blogs and Microblogs
  9. Local Business Marketing
  10. Successful Marketing and Business Building
  11. Social Media Marketing
  12. Putting It All Together
  13. Outsourcing
  14. Multiple Income Streams - Think Big
  15. Worldwide Sessions via Skype
  16. Webinars
  17. Membership Sites
  18. Action Plan - Building a Successful Business

Comprised of 18 easy-to-consume modules (along with an introduction from the course’s author about their own success story), the Marketing Diploma for Therapists & Coaches Course is designed to impart knowledge of core principles and practices that you can apply to your business straight away, whilst understanding how each component works to improve the success of your business.

Module 1 dives straight in with some quick fire tips on how to gain your first clients and spread the knowledge of your business from these clients, at very little cost.

The second module of the Marketing for Therapists & Coaches Diploma Course talks you through creating a clear vision statement for your business and putting an ethos and guidelines in place to ensure the business enjoys a great reputation that will encourage more clients.

If you haven’t done so already, you need to take many things under consideration when setting up a practice. The third module talks students through what they need to understand about setting up, including how they will make a profit, the types of clients they wish to attract, and even the type and location of physical space they will work from.

Something that comes before a business plan, is a business vision. Module 4 of the Marketing for Therapists & Coaches Course discusses what this is, why it is important to have this laid out clearly, and how this can the future of your business.

Success is all about attaining or going beyond a predefined goal. Module 5 guides students through how to create actionable, measurable goals., and the importance of setting these.

For clients to have a positive experience and get the most from their sessions with you, they need to be in a positive frame of mind. Module 6 discusses affirmations and includes example forms that can be used with clients to find what they wish to work on, what is stopping them, and how they can think positively to reach their goals.

Whether you are writing for your website, sending emails or creating blog content, you will need to be able to write in a way that sells your services but is not pushy or ‘salesy’. The seventh module of the course shows students how to use hypnotic writing in marketing messages to attract clients.

An important area for any business is having a web presence. Creating a website, blog, sending marketing emails, and advertising online are now easier than ever. Module eight guides you through the possibilities and helps students to get past the jargon, to understand what they need, to bring their business online.

Of course, in the areas of therapy and coaching, the local community is an important place for your business to be marketed. Module 9 teaches how to appeal to various markets and the various ways in which you can let the local community know about your business and the services it offers.

Many therapists and coaches can feel uncomfortable about being business people, but that’s what you are. The tenth module of the course, describes how thinking as a business person can be of benefit to your clients, along with how to become better at marketing yourself.

Social media has taken the world by storm and as a tool for marketing your business it is an invaluable and cheap resource. Module 11 and 12 discuss the various options available, how to use them effectively, and how to build a good reputation on these platforms, as well as some rules to follow, to avoid pitfalls and ensure success.

There will come a time when you may need to outsource some of your more mundane and laborious tasks, to free you up to work on driving the business forward. Module 13 discusses this and provides tips on managing your own time.

Module 14 of the Marketing for Therapists & Coaches Diploma Course guides students through the opportunities available for creating multiple income streams from the expertise that you already have.

A way of limiting costs and increasing your flexibility in seeing clients, as well as reaching a broader customer base, can be found in the use of Skype. Module 15 discusses how you can use this tool effectively, while modules 16 & 17 discuss using webinars and creating a membership site as additional income streams that can reach even more customers globally.

The final module of the Marketing for Therapists & Coaches Diploma Course quickly summarises what has been learnt throughout the course, readying students to create an action plan for their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Marketing for Therapists & Coaches Diploma Course will take you up to 150 hours to complete working from home. There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. The course comes with a course assessment in the form of quizzes, written questions and short essays, once you have completed your course assessment please email or post it back to us for marking, you will then receive your feedback and certificates.

This course is certified by the IANLPC (International Association of NLP & Coaching) and the IAHT (International Alliance of Holistic Therapists), both of which are internationally recognised organisations. The IAHT certify personal development, health, fitness and nutrition courses. The IANLPC is a global support network for NLP Professionals and coaches, including the fields of Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy Business Coaching, Leadership, Nutritional, CBT, Personal Development and Holistic Therapy.

Course Syllabus

Living the Dream - You Have to Believe it's Possible

  • My story - 'sink or swim'

Module 1: Getting Started with Your First Clients

  • Word of mouth
  • Business cards
  • Referrals
  • Referral cards
  • Offering a free initial consultation
  • Pricing your sessions - how many do they need?

Module 2: How to Attract Clients and Promote Your Business

  • Decide whom you are willing to work with
  • Why it's important to be selective
  • Building trust and rapport
  • Cautions and contra-indications

Module 3: Setting up a Practice

  • Getting started - will you make a profit?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • Renting space v sharing or working from home

Module 4: Business Vision

  • Why a business vision is necessary
  • Creating a five-minute elevator speech
  • Specialising - why it's worth considering

Module 5: Creating SMART Goals

  • Smart goal worksheet
  • Goal setting worksheet I
  • Goal setting worksheet II
  • Creating custom suggestions I
  • Creating custom suggestions II
  • Using affirmations
  • Sample intake appraisal form
  • Session notes
  • Sample client questionnaire
  • Sample release statement - please sign
  • Sample consent to film

Module 6: Hypnotic Selling Techniques

  • Hypnotic writing formula - Joe Vitale
  • Hypnotic headlines for websites or print advertisement

Module 7: Websites

  • List building and email marketing
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Module 8: Blogs and Microblogs

  • What are blogs all about?
  • Creating your blog
  • Online advertising
  • Targeting your market
  • Tips on creating a website
  • Registering a domain name

Module 9: Local Business Marketing

  • How to build a successful hypnotherapy practice
  • Leaflet dropping
  • Press releases - magazine and local paper write-ups
  • Free talks - gyms, health clubs, pubs, local businesses
  • Networking
  • Learning how to serve first
  • Competitions
  • Joint ventures
  • Advertising
  • Magnetic signs for your car
  • Television and radio
  • Newsletters
  • Start a group
  • Other marketing tips
  • Marketing plan list

Module 10: Successful Marketing and Business Building

  • Knowing the difference between price and value
  • Sample advertisements

Module 11: Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook marketing
  • Branding your page
  • Tabs
  • Facebook groups
  • What to publish in Facebook?
  • Privacy of fans
  • Getting 'likes'
  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook apps
  • Return on investment on Facebook
  • Twitter marketing
  • Setting up your Twitter account
  • Twitter campaigns
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Corporate LinkedIn account
  • Building a LinkedIn network
  • LinkedIn campaigns
  • Attracting best talents
  • YouTube marketing
  • YouTube
  • YouTube channel
  • Planning videos
  • Promoting videos
  • Video marketing campaigns
  • Google+ marketing
  • Branding your Google+ page
  • Circles of customers
  • Sharing content
  • Google+ in Gmail
  • Marketing campaigns on Google+
  • Fiverr
  • Other social media tools

Module 12: Putting It All Together

  • Your online reputation
  • Ten laws of social media marketing

Module 13: Outsourcing

  • Keepthings simple
  • Time Management

Module 14: Multiple Income Streams - Think Big

  • How to make money whilst you sleep
  • Diversify
  • Selling a range of products and services
  • Make your own CDs, MP3s and DVDs
  • Sell your own scripts
  • Selling other people's products

Module 15: Worldwide Sessions via Skype

  • Tips for using Skype for client sessions

Module 16: Webinars

Module 17: Membership Sites

Module 18: Action Plan - Building a Successful Business

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